Your Lawn, Garden and Pool Maintenance Guide

Watering your Texas Lawn

What is the first thing people see when they come to your home? Your lawn and garden of course! Your lawn and garden is a reflection of yourself and your image. Many people will judge you based upon the appearance of your yard. Unfortunately a poorly maintained lawn and garden may make people think of you as an unorganized  person. You can have the most beautiful home and best designed swimming pool in the world, but if your front and backyard lawn looks horrible, it kills the beauty.

Automatic lawn sprinklers are making manual lawn sprinkler a thing of the past. Of course there are still people who prefer to hand water and drag the hose around their yard, but many people do not have time for, or even want to do that! If you want to keep nice grass and shrubbery in your yard, then you must water it. Many people have beautiful yards, but do not have the time to water themselves. This is where the use of an automatic lawn sprinkler system becomes necessary.

Living in places like Texas, where the rain is highly unpredictable, lawn sprinkler systems are in high. The soil in many areas is sandy, so the water quickly drains back down into the earth and out of the range of the grass's roots. After just one week without water, most lawns will start to dry up and show what is known as "hot spots". This is due to the fact that grasses and plants need consistent amount water.

Installing a lawn sprinkler system is a very rewarding task that can be done by any homeowner who is willing to take the time to learn how the process of lawn sprinkler design is done. You must be in decent physical shape in order to perform some of the manual tasks involved in installing lawn sprinklers. You must be able to bend over and kneel down when digging and assembling your lawn sprinkler system. The entire experience of being outside, planning the project and building something for yourself that will be used for years to come is a great feeling that you will never forget. Lawn sprinkler systems are used around the world to help maintain attractive and eye-appealing landscapes.

Maintaining Your Texas Swimming Pool

There are no big secrets to sparkling pool water, it's just a byproduct of healthy water through regular and routine maintenance. In most parts of Texas the pollens and other airborne particles are downright vicious, especially in the Spring and Fall as any allergy sufferer knows. These particles rest on the water's surface and give it that dingy yellow color. Skimming your pool water's surface regularly is critical to battling pollen. Vacuuming and shocking your pool become necessary when the pollen levels increase or when you have many trees in your backyard.

Unless your free time is plentiful and/or you enjoy checking water pH levels, buying chemicals, and the exercise of working the pool brush, we suggest using a weekly pool cleaning service. These companies run on razor margins and are by no means making a killing off home owners. When you factor in the time commitment each week, plus chemicals, plus tools and the risk of needing to drain the pool or acid wash it if the algae gets out of control, you may come to the same conclusion we did - outsource weekly maintenance. You can save a little by doing a few pool chores yourself such as filter cleanings.

To help your pool technician search, I've noted some of the top rated pool companies in major Texas cities:

Allen: Weekly Allen Pool Service - 214-785-8641

Arlington: Select Arlington Pool Service - 817-522-3718

Austin: Austin Neighborhood Pool Service - 512-333-2936

Coppell: Coppell Sparkling Pool Service - 972-505-2600

Cypress: Weekly Cypress Pool Service - 281-213-0252

Dallas: Weekly Dallas Pool Service - 214-377-1319

Flower Mound: Weekly Flower Mound Pool Service - 469-444-0111

Fort Worth: Fort Worth Clear Pool Service - 817-500-5033

Frisco: Weekly Frisco Pool Service - 972-464-2129

Houston: Weekly Houston Pool Service - 713-701-1888

Katy: Weekly Katy Pool Service - 281-542-3777

Keller: Select Keller Pool Service - 817-380-4585

McKinney: Weekly McKinney Pool Service - 214-919-9031

Plano: Weekly Plano Pool Service - 972-535-5080

Prosper: Weekly Prosper Pool Service - 972-639-5999

Richardson: Richardson Neighborhood Pool Service - 972-468-8668

San Antonio: San Antonio Neighborhood Pool Service - 210-591-8600

Spring: Spring Neighborhood Pool Service - 281-528-4175

Sugar Land: Weekly Sugar Land Pool Service - 281-545-7080

The Woodlands: The Woodlands Weekly Pool Service - 281-907-8630

Tomball: Weekly Tomball Pool Service - 281-378-3231

Good luck maintaining your pool and lawn. It truly is a blessing to be a homeowner and to be able to enjoy the warm Texas days!